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Exceljuta Talent Solutions

Our Recruitment team works end to end to provide with the right talent solution meeting the needs of the client based on the demands their work offers. We find job seekers fulfilling our client’s needs. We provide staffing solutions for all positions ranging from the IT industry to the Banking and the finance sector. With the help strongly backed research we satisfy the specific needs the job offers for the job position and the right fit is deemed after a personal interview by the client. Our major aim with which we recruit is based on honesty, integrity, passionate and dedicated team members.


We work to provide specific targeted talent solutions for all your specific job requirements.


Contract Staffing:

Our dedicated recruiters hire Contract staffs for your companies and take care of all the functioning related to hiring a contract staff. The benefits to the company are innumerable.

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Permanent Staffing:

Permanent Staffs hired for a company should be a value- based project. Since, the staff and his/her dedication to work for the company or meet its requirements must be tangible. Hence, our professional recruiters can handle finding out the right fit which will save your company the time and energy.

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On-Site Recruitment:

Our team of professional recruiters provide your company with a hassle- free on- site recruitment. They are highly skilled individuals with a thorough knowledge of the company and its terminologies, and they can find the right hire instantly among the masses of recruits.

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Campus Recruitment:

Our staffing solutions also incorporates campus recruitment wherein College Graduates who are skilled and up to the task are picked up by the specialised team and presented ready for the job. It is a win-win on both sides for the Graduates as well as the Company itself.

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