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What we Do

We oversee the marketing company’s PPC strategy and budget. We monitor closely the traffic, leads generated and the conversions made through Google Analytics account.

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Keyword Research

For any form of marketing in any platform, it’s necessary that keyword research is done before deciding the final content. The search engine filters the most relevant website on top of Google search index. To match the criteria of landing on top of Google search index, a series of steps are undertaken.

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Targeting Goals in Campaigns

After appearing on the Google search index page, the landing page experience and the conversions made on the page are goal- oriented. Customer relations and knowledge of the customer wants is being a step ahead in achieving goals in developed campaigns. To continually achieve goals, constant managing and monitoring of PPC is necessary.

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PPC Monitoring

Before monitoring PPC of a business, the key business metrics such as ROI, ROAS, which is about the profit and the overall ad budget of the company, is researched. The kind of target audience is sought out, each keyword is measured by testing to see if it would yield more PPC is studied and it the words are updated generally.

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Continuous optimization and results

A campaign is generated to boost sales for a company. By continuous update, optimization and constant search for the new ways to develop new goals, reach different kinds of audiences. This kind of optimization would generate valid results. There are also several tools that help analyze the content.

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