On Site Recruitment

We work in the company premises and oversee all
your hiring decisions.

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Employer benefits

An on-site recruitment board analyzes your
company policy being on board to select the right fit.

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Employee Benefits

Finding an employer where the advantage to work are more thus resulting in a long term partnership.

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What we do

We recruit within the premises of our clients company. The benefits to the client are innumerable since the employee gained would comply with the company policies by the use of finding the talent pool where there will be an ever on-going recruitment.
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On site recruitment team

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Attract Global Talents

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Engaging Staff


Our Expertise

Flexible and focussed

Exceljuta is a flexible and customer focused recruitment agency which is able to offer clients an onsite recruitment service. This service is tailored made to your need as a client. This could be on a national or local basis and can be offered to all clients seeking to fill five or more vacancies.

Fulfilling your Talent needs

A project team works with yourself and your managers to establish the needs of each department – such areas include personality profiling, work based assessments and completion of job / candidate specifications.

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