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Engineering Services:

Engineering services are a key to our company as we provide solutions to Industries and our clients through our expert and qualified engineers working to give analytical engineered products. We provide different kinds of engineering services that include embedded engineering, software, digital, mechanical, testing and systems and hardware engineering solutions.



Embedded Engineering:

In all our recent approaches what we have found in common that people in the present world require engineered solutions that go along with their lifestyles not only are clients looking for product satisfaction, but they require a life- based approach to each of their problems. This is where embedded engineering applies its mark by pre-modeling machines and systems with an embedded command that they can perform flawlessly. We assure not only product satisfaction but also engineering tailored to meet all your requirements.

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Software Engineering:

With the onset of AI, Agile technologies and layouts or rules to build a perfect coded software, we at Exceljuta provide our valuable clients with the latest software engineering solutions that rely, and function based on all the modern versions of tech ever updating its features on a day-to-day basis. Our focus in developing software is based on the requirements of the clients. It is to give the maximum feasible, product life-cycle based, maintainable and reliable applied solutions.

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Systems and Hardware Engineering:

The advancement in technology has touched all areas of our lives. From the devices, we use to the machines that work and all this stems from an advanced system and hardware that is able to process information or execute the software instructions with speed. The embedded software services expect an advanced hardware tech-friendly system. Our company makes sure all our systems and hardware are up to the latest market trends.

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Digital Engineering:

Keeping up with the market trends and the demands of the customers in a digital world our company offers digital engineering services that aim to provide and promote an ultimate fully functional product solution engineered digitally to fit the current virtual world of digital hand that extends as an essential tool in all our day-to-day activities like in the market, waving our smart card to pay or in banks by avoiding queues by depositing and withdrawing online.

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Mechanical Engineering:

In this field, we as a firm take our software into action in the machine world, the transformation in the machines we use daily is focussed on problem-solving features in any area of our lives ranging from the phones or tablets to the automobiles we use to travel. Innovation and constant development are key to our mechanical engineering principles we follow in our company.

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